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New Generator Sales

AM Power Solutions Ltd is happy to discuss your generator requirements at your site or by telephone for a new standby or Prime powered generator.

Many customers are using diesel powered generators as prime power units to provide 3phase electrical supply for heavy duty equipment from welders to milking machines.

A generator provides a cost effective and tax efficient way of providing heavy duty power without the expense and difficulty of installing mains power.

When you have finished using the equipment or closed the business down you were powering with the generator simply sell the generator, you can’t get money back for a mains connection!

We can provide generators of any size to power any equipment; we can design and have built to a customer’s individual specification generators to suit equipment requirements from ships to telecommunication equipment.

Also as part of the design/specification process we offer a full install service with Hiab off load vehicles capable of delivering to the most inaccessible locations. We can also disassemble equipment to enable install in basements only accessible via a narrow door.

New Generator Sales


We have also used barges and landing craft to deliver generators to island locations and have built trailers to move equipment up narrow cliff paths.

New Generator Sales


Backup power generators can be supplied with remote start capable controllers, which allow an ATS (Automatic transfer switch) to start the generator and switch over to that should the mains electric fail. The switch will also reconnect the supply and turn off the generator when mains power is restored. Should a manually operated transfer switch be required then one of these can be sourced and installed, this manual switch is more common in farm applications where more skilled staff are on hand.


We are full up members with AMPS (The Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Power Generating Systems), Constructions Line and FSB (Federation of Small Business).

The Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Power Generating Systems), Federation of Small BusinessConstruction LIne

Farm Electrics

Farm Electrics

Alongside the generator installation service, we provide, we can also design and install electrical distribution systems....go to page

Off Grid Power

Off Grid Power

Another part of AM Power Solutions Ltd., business is to supply and install alternative energy solutions for off grid customers....go to page