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Off Grid Power Solutions

AM Power Solutions can provide an “Off grid” Power system to any remote home inaccessible to the mains supply.

Traditionally remote homes and barns were powered by diesel generators (Sometimes LPG or petrol) which provided a simple and relatively cheap (if somewhat noisy!) solution to electrical power requirements, but with the advent of relatively cheap inverter/chargers it was soon possible to add a battery inverter system to reduce the generator usage by up to 60%.

The inverter/charger used the generator power to charge up the large battery bank and the inverter then used the stored battery power to produce electrical power for the home so the generator didn’t have to run, only running when the batteries went flat or high power loads were applied (washing machines etc).

Solar panels (Photovoltaic) can also be used to charge the battery pack and further reduce generator run time, in fact with a suitably sized solar PV array 70% of the domestic power can be supplied, a generator being used for the short winter days. Further savings can be achieved by micro wind turbines or hydro systems. Micro wind turbines (1kw or less) can provide a very usfull “Top up” charge but due to the variable nature of the wind cannot be used as a reliable source of power, unless you are living very near to the coast or a handy mountain top!


We are full up members with AMPS (The Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Power Generating Systems), Constructions Line and FSB (Federation of Small Business).

The Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Power Generating Systems), Federation of Small BusinessConstruction LIne

Farm Electrics

Farm Electrics

Alongside the generator installation service, we provide, we can also design and install electrical distribution systems....go to page

Off Grid Power

Off Grid Power

Another part of AM Power Solutions Ltd., business is to supply and install alternative energy solutions for off grid customers....go to page