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Power Solutions


Second Hand Generators and Servicing


Second hand generators can be sourced, supplied and installed, these units provide a very cost effective way of supplying back up power at a fraction of a new generators cost.
A standby generator does not run every day so if it has had a few hours of use (Generators have hour run meters on them to record usage) as long as it is reliable it will provide many years of service.


Like all machinery, generators need to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure reliable and safe operation, even a standby generator needs a service and inspection at least twice a year.
If a generator is being used more often than that, it should be serviced according to the manufactures requirements, generally every 300 hours of operation.

AM Power Solutions Ltd can provide a tailor made service schedule and contract for whatever generator usage you require even monthly checks and load tests.

We are full up members with AMPS (The Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Power Generating Systems), Constructions Line and FSB (Federation of Small Business).

The Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Power Generating Systems), Federation of Small BusinessConstruction LIne

Farm Electrics

Farm Electrics

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Off Grid Power

Off Grid Power

Another part of AM Power Solutions Ltd., business is to supply and install alternative energy solutions for off grid customers....go to page